• My Name is Many, So many am I.
    I am an adult, Yet I am a child.
    I am meek, yet I am bold.
    I have many talents and speak in many different voices, Yet I am One.
    I have many in my Family, Big and small, Yet I have none.

    I can be many things at one time.
    I can be happy, But then sad.
    Or I can be fun and then afraid.
    I Like to be at peace with myself, And yet I am only a piece of myself.
    I can remember almost everything but yet i forget all things.
    I have pain, But yet feel none at all.
    My thoughts are many, Yet i only hold a few.
    My eyes see many things, Yet my mind holds illusions.

    I am old enough to think, Yet to young to know.
    I can travel many places, Yet never leave my room.
    I can always see yesterday, And never remember today.
    I am Big, Yet I am small.
    I am old, But no, I am young.
    I am me, Yet I still become you.
    I have a lot of love, Yet I hate.
    I have many friends, Yet I am alone.
    I talk to many people, Yet I talk not at all.

    I hold a lot of dreams, And yet the dreams still hold me.
    I have a lot of ideas, And many fantasies too, Yet I know them not at all.
    I can see and know what is real, Yet I am in a fairy tale.
    I can talk of many things, Yet I keep a "Secret".
    I have but one life, Yet I live many.

    You know me, Yet I know not you.
    You see the good, But I know the bad.
    You see the laughter, While I am sad.
    I hear many voices, Yet there is no one around.
    I know not my faith, Yet I have hope.
    I am all things, Yet I am none.
    I can see and feel the sun, Yet I still walk in darkness.
    I can say one thing, but mean many.
    I hear the cries, Yet you hear the Birds.
    I know of things, Yet not of life.

    I know of People, but not as friends.
    So when you see me, Yet I don't see you, Speak to me as many.
    And Many will speak to you.