• You make my life spin in circles,
    But when I get dizzy,
    You aren't there to catch me.

    You make my life a roller coaster
    With every word you say.

    But now it is all gone,
    And you have drifted away,
    I take the fault; but know its yours,
    Make this pain slip away.

    You used to be my support,
    but now you are my pain.

    I want to put a bandage over this wound you have caused me,
    But its permanete, and the truth can not be covered.
    Hiding amongst the shadows,
    Being your slave for years.

    I always cry and hate my life
    Because you wont wipe away my tears.

    You used to be amazing,
    But now I question why,
    Why am I still hanging on? You've ruined my life,
    You ruined my dreams,
    But i just can't let go.

    I guess I am unstable,
    But that gives no excuse for what you have done to me,
    I love you,
    I want you,
    But you just dont respect me.

    I want to say "it's over"
    But my love for you erases the words.
    But what good is love
    When they just toss it away.

    I do so much
    and now I see
    How much I mean to you,
    It's dissapearing,
    Just like the truth of when you tell me you love me.