• What do you get when you see me?
    Do you a see a simple girl or am I another somebody that makes you want to hurl?

    People stop to look
    And assume the know who I am
    And when they find out they go and blow up

    They like me as a person
    Until they find out
    What life is, and who its about
    And when people find out they start to pout

    When they first meet me welcomely take me in
    But when they hear me speak the truth
    They say sink or swim

    But they haven't figured out
    That there not to judge
    They try to hard to make me smudge

    People seem to swoon and sigh
    They try to push me down
    And expect me to cry

    Because people don't like people
    Who know what they stand for
    They never stop to ask to get to my core

    Cuz having a religion
    And going on believing
    Is a crime to society
    And really needs some relieving

    People think a belief in God is a darn shame
    They think my love for him is a some lame game
    They think I can't believe in something I do not see
    I tell them yes I can he's all around me

    I am a person with the freedom of choice
    And I'm quite proud God gave me such a voice

    If you disagree with me
    You kindly may
    But I choose to live my life
    In my own way
    And that's your own problem
    Because I'm here to stay

    And just to let you know I'm going to keep believing in my own way