• A brass bell with a golden rope
    My weight to pull it down
    Half way from top to bottom
    In the box that forms around
    The golden twine the only thing left
    To hold me above the ground

    The ringing fills the halls
    The houses and the hills
    All that hear this song
    Pain in you should fill
    One ding for the fall
    Nothing more for I be still
    One note for you all
    I hope this guilt will kill

    Only one note for them all
    The father and the brother
    One note for them all
    The sister and the mother
    Sorry to you all that I am not so perfect
    But it's all your f****** fault
    For hating me cause I wasn't the right person

    So instead of golden thread
    You now have blood red rope
    The perfect note of the ringing bell
    Now filled with the screams of a frightened girl

    Well my dress is black and my heart is too
    So I have one last wish for you
    That for every hour when that bell rings
    You remember the screams
    Of the girl who found me
    Ringing the bell to wake you from your sleep