• “Come with me”
    He called soothingly
    “You’ve obeyed my commands
    Come take my hands”
    It seemed so easy yet hard
    “I can be your eternal guard”
    His voice like needles pierced my soul
    Eternal life that was my goal
    His eyes shone bright like the sun
    My heart, he had already won,
    Was beating loud as a drum
    “Do you want to come?”
    A question this time
    Would it be a crime to leave all else behind?
    What could I find,
    More important than him,
    Especially when life was dim?
    I had seen the scars on his hands and feet
    When did we last meet?
    I remembered his smile
    Although it had been awhile
    I finally answered with a simple nod
    For I was in the presence of God