• Hold me tight, the chaotic winds blow and im getting cold..
    Warm me with your love and your heart.
    calm me with your voice..
    Reassure me that everything will be alright,
    Make me smile by smiling.
    The rising sun shines a glory across your mystic face as your beautiful hair burns in the sky, your wings pacing gloriously, an angel from the heavens, sent down to save me from the madness within.
    Hail, the frosty ice, pounds against our fleshy shields as my hate rages,
    grasping me tightly, you close your eyes, hoping to heed the destruction.
    This hail begins to melt, my touch begins to burn, brilliant streams of maroon lighting raurs from thine warrior within.
    A heating aura flames across your resiliant skin, as you keep holding.
    Dont give up.
    The hell burns.
    Dont give up.
    My mind is lost.
    Dont give up...