• It slips and makes its ways inside your heart.
    It has been there from the start.
    You didn't realize at first that the yearning you feel has a name.
    Now you know that love isn't just a game.

    You fall deeper and deeper into his arms.
    You embrace him and create no more scars.
    You will stand up for him no matter what.
    Now you understand the reason why you no longer cut.

    All of your fears are washed away.
    All of your past is no longer haunting you all day.
    All of your dreams are coming back to you.
    All of your pain is taken away too.

    You smile more when you are around him.
    You have no more tears that come from your skin.
    You live to see him again.
    You feel alive without returning to your sin.

    He tells you that he feels the same.
    Now you found a better lane.

    No more scars that you are going to regret later.
    No more hiding away in the dark.
    No more wishing your life was greater.
    No more crying in all sorts.

    You recognize the feeling that you have been missing.
    You fall deeper as you guys are kissing.
    You pull him close towards you.
    Now you know the burning sensation that you aren't used to.

    Falling in love is a undenyable sensation.
    Falling in love is the best creation.
    There are no other words for falling in love except that you love him and he loves you.
    And everything that you go out of your way to do is for the best of you.