• dont say you love me
    cuz it really hurts inside
    i cant believe my eyes
    cuz when ya leave me i just cry
    i not able to see ya
    im just able to cry
    ill keep my head up
    but ill really be crying inside
    im miss ya so much
    and yet you still said i love u
    and when i said it you just said goodbye
    now im asking myself why
    why i said it back
    why you said it first
    but ill keep my head up
    just for everyone else
    when i miss ya
    i just tell myself inside dont be upset
    its just part of life
    i loved you so much
    but now that you said goodbye
    i cant get over the fact
    that you said you love me
    but ya really didnt
    it was all just part of a dare
    but ill keep my head in the air
    keep my chin up
    and enjoy my life