• Do you remember when we first met?
    Do you remember when we said, "Hello" for the first time?
    Do you remember all those akward moments of silence,
    That we shared together because we were just too shy?
    Do you remember our first, "I Love You"?
    I do.
    I remember all of those things.
    And i know you do too.
    Now the moments that we share,
    Are sweeter than sugar cookies.
    Those "akward silences" have now turned into moments of rememberance.
    Rememberance of each other.
    And how we wondered how we ever lived without each other.
    We share those cute, "I love you more fights"
    And some how, you always seem to shine brighter than the sun,
    Even on a bad day for me,
    You always turn my frown upside down.
    I've always wondered how you do it.
    But it doesn't matter how,
    Just, that you do.
    You mean the whole world to me,
    And i wish i could explain it,
    But there are no words that can describe how beautiful you really are.
    You are my savior,
    My all,
    My heart and soul,
    And you are you.
    And that is why,
    I Love You.