• I missed the way I had felt before
    even though we were friends and no more
    But you always know that "I love you"
    Even 'til now I think I still do

    You tend to enter my mind everyday
    I guess my love for you never went away
    The way you used to make me feel, I still remember then
    But I will never be able to see you again

    I miss the way you used to look at me
    and when I closed my eyes, your smile I still see
    Your gentle voice I seldom heard over the phone
    When you used to call me at home

    Things changed and you've moved on
    and with you I know I don't belong
    I still think of the times I saw your face
    All those memories I will never erase

    The crush I had on I'll never forget
    The love I gave you I'd never regret
    But I still remembered the night I cried
    For losing you, I dont know, I feel like that I'll die

    I love you even though time has passed
    I still do, many months and years have gone by
    To think of you I still shed a tear, I still cry
    To the thoughts of my broken heart
    That I have loved you from the start

    Sometimes I wonder what I see in you
    What is it? I don't have a clue
    But I love you I do know, But I cant seem to let you go
    Though miles seperate us apart
    Your still the one who fullfills my heart

    Days have passed and maybe months and years gone by
    Even now I think of you
    And try to exept the real fact,
    that the love we have will never last...