• I wanna be the girl you remember,
    As the one who always smiled.
    The one that kept to herself,
    Because she was scared of asking out guys.
    I wanna be the girl you remember
    Who had feelings but she kept them in.
    The one who’s only words that could escape her,
    Was things that were so mean.
    I wanna be the girl you remember,
    For good things and for the bad.
    How I liked a guy here and there,
    But only ventured twice.
    I wanna be the girl you remember,
    From those two years of your life,
    That you spent in a putrid wasteland,
    That they call Junior High.

    When nothings comin’ around, you can think of me. When nobody else really dares to try, I wanna be that girl that you see in your mind when you think of the one that you love. Someday I’ll see you again, it may not be far away. That pretty little girl with a bow in her hair, that only wanted to sing, oh sing.

    I only knew you from that way you laughed,
    As you talked to your friends,
    And talked to that girl you liked.
    I always wished you loved me as much as you loved her.
    All I can say is “Story of my life..”
    Cant you remember me?
    As life passes us by,
    Think of me.
    I know I always think of you.