• falling so hard that i cant see how you try,
    love is dead,
    life is for what,
    god who is he,
    people say he loves us,
    he is all good and can do no wrong,
    LOOK at the world its full of pain and has no point,
    why we work so hard just to get a scrap of the wholl thing,
    I say why,
    live life,
    dont sit there and hope for all the good you do will be taken and given back,
    sit there because you want to,
    put it i your mind there is no god!
    if there is he a mean and evil person,
    i am an ant to the world,
    but no god is good?!!
    no god. dont pray--work,
    if you dont do it no one will,
    im not heartless,
    i love the world
    i love to live,
    im not saying theres no hope,
    im saying live how you want to,
    im not saying live like its your last day,
    im saying live,
    clime a mountan,
    sky dive,
    make something that you might use one day,
    some life goals i have,
    find some for you,