• my eyes wonder around the room,
    born into this world, we're all doomed.
    outside when the birds ring,
    i think of the song they might sing.
    a smile creeps across my face,
    as the warm, tender arms embrace.
    all the while this is what i was waiting for,
    one, two knocks on my door.
    living in the light of the sun,
    my motto is having fun.
    we may not live by the book,
    of course innocence being took.
    all you had to say was hello,
    my heart melts and my legs turn to jello.
    dear feelings deep inside,
    turning my head, swollowing my pride.
    tears fall down my rosy cheek,
    choking, studdering, i can not speak.
    living life so timidly, so bleek,
    another day; another kink.
    iron, button, zip,
    tears now rolling off my lip.
    mmm, that sweet hello,
    the voice of that passionate fellow.
    i painted my nails the day before,
    i thought we'd spend the day on the beach shore.
    he got me on the hi,
    i knew right then i could never say bye.
    i wake up, it was just a dream,
    my face no longer will gleam.