• I look back on the past
    I see those innocent smiles,
    Playful moments,
    And tender acts that She'll never get back
    She was your little angel
    Decked out in nothing but white
    Your sweetie pie
    Always offering a kind word
    Or a hand to help
    We'll miss that little girl
    But maybe its better this way
    I don't think she would've survived this cruel world

    Over the years, I've watched that girl grow up
    Into the Brat she is now
    Time has molded her
    And toughened her up
    She's meaner now
    Possibly meaner than you
    Cruel Thoughts,
    Acid Tongue,
    Torturous Imagination,
    A demented smile
    With a laugh to match
    What has she become?

    But sometimes
    Only sometimes
    You can see that innocent little girl
    Shine right through our demented mistress
    Yin and Yang
    Black and White
    Good and Evil

    Let's hope this fight will end
    Innocence doesn't want anyone hurt
    Malice wants more violence
    Won't it ever come to an end?
    What will she become?