• HA! Royal flush.
    Guess I win.
    Should we go another round?
    Let my winning streak begin.

    I have a black cat.
    We play poker every day.
    Nightshade wins Tuesdays.
    It's only a game anyways.

    The black cat and I played poker yesterday,
    I won another round.
    Did you hear that?
    Guess it was a sad sound.

    Thought my cat was crying.
    He had a pair of twos.
    I had four aces!
    I won back my shoes.

    Like a cat needed shoes!
    Hey, he curls up on them sometimes.
    Why wouldn't he want them?
    God, I can't believe I'm writing these stupid lines.

    The black cat and I played poker today.
    Lost my chicken nuggets again.
    Won back my cookies.
    Why can't we quit, instead of playing over and over again?