• Have you ever had a feeling like there's something falowing you, but there is no one or nuthing their.Have you ever heard a noies, like someone screiming your name, but when you turn to look,... still no one or nuthing their. Have you ever been somewhere, not knoing how or why your there, but just as soon as you turn around, it seems not to have actully happened.

    THis is the dark past that hants over you no mader if your alown or in a crowd, its the awerness of not excaping a troubled mind, with on light, with no hope of betering the life your past leavs for you to drowned in. This is somethig to be truly be afrade of, somethig to cry your self to sleep at night, something to find no comfort in, and something to disrtroy your self in. It keeps you form the things you injoy an love staing inside the deepest deapths of your heath like a hidden secret devistating the soul, untill its complitly consumes you.

    The dark past is not worth dweling upon, for it can draw the good ot a person an crupet then foever.It is not the their if there is nothing for it to remember an nothing for it to consume, but its always their if there is pain an misery in you hart and soul.