• Just like that, the tip of a hat
    Opening unfamiliar eyes
    Looking at the person I'm not
    If I'm not me, then who am I?

    Then who is me?
    Who has woken to find
    Themselves, not they,
    Asking the same questions as I
    Who am them, who are me,
    And why?

    Or is there a third, or fourth
    Asking who they are and
    Who is them?
    Why does they?
    And where?

    Am I still who I am but not?
    Different in a way that
    I'm still me yet, not
    In someone else's skin.
    And how?

    Did me lose myself?
    Did myself forget to bring I
    With me, and still lie
    There with me and I
    And when?

    So they who's I,
    But myself not them
    But another, know why
    Or do them think, or not,
    Of me and I
    And who?

    Is there still I,
    Or did mineself cease
    To be another and
    Who me is now.
    But what?

    Was ever I before?
    Are me what before
    Wasn't but now is
    And will continue
    But if so
    Can I?