• Life
    You know how it goes
    Falling in love
    just goes to show
    Never gonna make
    Where you wanna be
    You standing here
    right next to me

    Stand up for yourself
    Don't be brought down
    Don't need a smile
    Or a frown
    Just take that stand
    You will see
    What confidence can really be

    Admit to yourself
    And the one you love
    Just what you (yourself)
    are made of
    Just gotta explain
    You will see
    The confidence I have in me

    I told you once
    I told you twice
    Spoke on the phone
    Sound aweful nice
    That damn (or dang) smile
    Caught in my eye
    well, heck, it was worth the try

    So you admit to yourself
    And that who you love
    show the world what you're made of
    Don't give up
    Follow that dream
    Lemme show you what I mean!

    I fell so hard
    You wouldn't know
    Just what my heart
    Seems to show
    It screams for you
    And loves you too
    I scream your name
    and you go 'who'?

    The confidence
    What I don't got
    Right here
    I had you bought
    So in your face
    You non-believers
    'cause I,
    right here,
    am the main achiever