• Our modern technology,
    Is all just walls.
    A disguise which pulls us in,
    We lost our real sight,
    With all just T.V. and things,
    a meaningful log,
    became just some scrap,
    We tear down other's homes,
    Just so we can walk,
    If animals could speak,
    They would say what monsters we are,
    We lost our sense,
    of not our world,
    but everyone's,
    just a mutation,
    of an extra finger,
    who knew?
    It would cause our own end,
    The world is wheezing,
    From our selfishness,
    If only,
    We would stop,
    And become of this blue and green planet,
    We would thrive,
    On other's expense,
    A little voice calls to us,
    Wake up! Wake up!
    But we're too busy,
    Jamming out to our favorite tune.