• Once a child so innocent,
    Living in a world of war,
    Many times have I wondered,
    What was worth living for?

    Daddy yells at us over nothing,
    While Mommy watches TV,
    I'm getting scared but no one cares,
    What is wrong with me?

    Am I really causing all these problems?
    If so get rid of me,
    I'm sorry that I wasn't able,
    To be the girl you wanted me to be.

    I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
    I tried to be and lost,
    But I still kept trying with no idea,
    That my heart would pay the cost.

    I'm sorry I'm so stupid,
    I just couldn't play the part,
    But now I'm slowly breaking,
    Into pieces with my heart.

    I'm sorry that I am weak,
    Forgive me if you could,
    I'm sorry I was born,
    I'm sorry I never understood.

    Why, God, have you given me,
    This life of so much pain?
    Why the voices of hatred,
    The ones that drive me insane?

    There's only one thing I've always wanted,
    So please, Lord, let it be,
    I want there to be someone,
    To love me for the real me.