• All I want is
    Quiet. . .
    That is all
    Not much. . .
    But. . .
    It means so very much
    My hot tears mix with dried blood
    of old wounds
    They sting, but. . .
    It feels right. . .
    to feel this agony
    Yet so wrong to grieve
    . . . For you
    The quiet silence of life
    That is what I need
    The beautiful silence of my own mind
    Something that left
    So long ago. . .
    The voices scream
    and scream
    and scream
    So much noise
    It hurts . . .
    It burns!
    I want quiet
    That's all
    The tears continue as
    my head throbs
    burning, searing my mind
    and my soul
    and lastly my heart