• Doubt thickens, the light too shallow
    Pulse quickens, this bravery hallow.
    A mind undone, all warmth left.
    Sing your lover's song before I forget.

    The taunting Lie,
    has frozen me.
    All hope locked away,
    these demons free.
    Can't stop the tide,
    my god's unaware.
    Nails scratch the lid
    I'm losing air.

    Anger bred me, learning well to hurt.
    Revenge is empty, and leaves you burnt.
    Fading feeling, pressed down to crawl
    Sing your lover's song before I fall.

    Nightmares wake me,
    to laugh in tears.
    My unreality,
    controls my fears.
    Can't stop my mind,
    the rising question.
    This madness became,
    my one salvation.

    Perception cracked, blood breathes freely.
    This choice I lack, in silence screaming.
    Leaving her behind, I'm done with crying.
    Sing your lover's song, your chance is dying.

    The Wandering,
    has left me tired.
    These disappointments,
    leave me uninspired.
    Can't find the way,
    all by myself.
    Did you stop looking,
    and choose someone else?