• Close your eyes and fall asleep.
    Dream of me very deep.
    Relax your muscles in your body.
    Relax so that I can see your soul.

    Dream of me from your inner heart.
    Dream of me so that you don't feel apart.
    Dream of me to wake up and smile.
    Dream so you can't have thoughts that speed like a mile.

    In this dream we"ll hold hands.
    In this dream I will hold you.
    In this dream you won't worry about your friends.
    In this dream I will comfort you.

    This dream contains romance until the end.
    This dream we will draw hearts in the sand.
    This dream of yours will be about us.
    This dream of yours is where our moms won't fuss.

    Dream of me and you spending endless time together.
    Dream of me never letting go and being with you forever.
    Dream of me to escape your pain.
    Dream of me so you won't hurt yourself and cut your vein.

    It will be beautiful like you.
    This dream will contain only us two.
    It will be romantic like I show.
    This dream is to ensure you that I'll never let go.

    So dream of me all night.
    Dream so I will be in your sight.
    Dream of me to know in your heart...
    That I loved you from the start.

    Baby, dream even if you're not tired.
    Baby, dream so your heart isn't on fire.
    Baby, dream of me so I can see you again.
    Baby, trust me, you'll dream of me until the end.

    Please just let me be allowed to see you.
    Baby, I want to see you.
    Just dream of me because I love you.