• While everything burns,
    Everyone screams.
    Burning their lives,
    Burning my dreams.
    All of this hate,
    All of this pain,
    Burn it all down,
    As my anger regains.
    Til Everything Burns.
    Along with my soul,
    Along with my heart.
    The burning is slow,
    The burning is dark.
    We stand alone in the fire.
    The flames increase,
    They burn higher.
    Nothing is visable, I have no sight.
    The only thing I see, is you holding me tight.
    Everything is burning,
    My mind keeps turning.
    Til Everything Burns.
    I want to cry, but I have no feeling.
    My skin, it's slowly pealing.
    I want to die in these flames.
    There will be no one to blame.
    I can taste my death.
    I start to loose my breath.
    The flames were burning me,
    And my heart broke into three.
    My skin lost its color.
    I was white.
    You told me, we weren't loosing this fight.
    I told you I love you.
    You said, you loved me to.
    The fire covers my face.
    I've reached my final destination, home base.
    The flames were too powerful for me.
    I'm sorry you're blind, unable to see.
    I'll be waiting here,
    Please do not fear.
    Til Everything Burns.