• If I only had one day left to live, I would live it with you
    The sound of your voice.
    The look in your eyes
    I would give anything just to say what i have left unsaid
    locked away in my heart to you
    and let you know its still not too late to say I love you
    I would hug you until it was time to leave
    Our time together would be forever in my memory
    I want you to hold me in your arms
    Forever entwined are hands will be
    My head against your chest
    Fighting those tears as I walk away one last time
    With balled up fists, you chase after me
    The rain falls harder with each step
    You hold me for the last time, whispering in my ear,
    That you will never forget me
    no matter how many girls come and go throught your life
    And you swear you will find me once again
    And walk away after one last kiss
    Where has my heart gone?
    Where has my love disapeared to?
    I will always remember
    those days in the fields
    just you and me
    no worries in the world could ruin that moment.
    And not a day has past that you've have regreted time spent chasing after me
    Well now that my time is up, I must leave
    Though i will not leave in vain
    I leave you with the memory
    Of a girl that was always at your side
    Who loved you though she refused to admit it
    I leave you with a gooodbye kiss
    with one last hug
    and and I love you
    never forget those times time would stand still
    all those times in the hallway afterschool
    where you would hold me in your arms
    holding onto every last second you can with me
    forget all those bad times
    all those days that brought you down
    and remember i will see you again
    I love you