• How could you think I could live without you
    How could you cause me so much pain

    Everyday I dream I'm with you
    And the days we shared back in the past

    Everything..passes by so quickly
    I can't even see the light or touch the sky

    Ever since the day I lost you,
    Ever since the heartache

    Never could live without you
    And how it was before
    Ever since the day I met you,
    You walked across to me

    You don't how I miss you
    and what you meant to me...

    Everyday I think of you
    And your sweet voice
    You used to sing to me
    but now you're gone...!

    Everything we did together
    the good, the bad..
    Since the day you disappeared,
    Its when I got sad..


    When I look at your pictures,
    every single one,
    I'm always with you in them,
    but look at what its become....

    What its Become....