• We saw you walking alone
    My friend called you a slut
    I saw the hurt in your eyes
    As you winced and kept them shut...

    There was the rumour about the one night stand
    I helped spread the lies
    I'm so sorry i ruined you life
    I was just to deaf to hear your lies...

    I remember sticking my foot out
    I knew it was gonna hurt
    But me and my friend just laughed
    As your face hit the dirt...

    I saw you the next day at school
    That scar on your head
    I should of said sorry
    But i just laughed instead...

    That scar it haunts my
    In my dreams every night
    I'm sorry that i hurt you
    But it made me see the light...

    Now Three years on
    We're really good friends
    But i can still see that scar
    So my torment never ends...

    I know that you forgive me
    But i always will regret
    That scar i put upon yor face
    The scar i cant forget...