• She was pretty, for her age
    A natural beauty in hiding
    Behind locks of golden hair, she hid
    The beautiful girl in the cellar

    At night, she had no one to hold
    Except her ratty teddy
    So she clung to teddy and stared into the night...
    The beautiful girl in the cellar

    And while she stared, she'd sing a song
    In her enchanting, five-year old voice
    So innocent, so sweet, but a haunt to wake the dead
    The beautiful girl in the cellar

    She sang in a quiet voice, so not to wake daddy
    She sang the only song she knew
    She sang so quietly that it could have been the trees
    The little girl in the cellar

    She sang only what she knew
    she learned when she was three
    With mother's voice always in her ears, she sang her heart out
    This little girl in the cellar

    "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are..."

    With the dazed look in her eyes, she was a ghost
    A haunting too frightning to touch
    So daddy avoided her and her grimy stare
    The little girl in the cellar

    This girl, she only ate crusts of bread
    And water from the hose
    She'd never tasted sweet, had this beautiful girl,
    Innocence in the cellar.

    So when she smelled that smell, that wonderful smell
    She knew it wasn't bread.
    So she climbed and she climbed the creaking stairs,
    The little girl in the cellar.

    Sister, sister dear, with her charming voice
    Filling the air with cheer
    "Sugar cookies, sugar cookies, sugar cookies, daddy!"
    And no longer in the cellar, the little girl heard

    "Sugar cookie, sugar cookie..." she played it softly on her lips
    If only she could have one bite
    She approached the kitchen, stirctly forbidden
    Daddy had said ever since mommy died

    She reached out to touch the cookie,
    When a sudden scream shook the air,
    Sister dear's voice, so wise, always right,
    "What is that THING in our kitchen???"

    Knowing she'd done wrong, she backed away
    But not before daddy's hand came down
    Smaking her hard, making her choke on her blood
    She screamed to him for forgivness

    He told her that she would not die this day
    But he'd kill her if she came back up
    So she crawled back down, with her twisted body
    The mangled thing in the cellar

    She tried to sing, but coughed up blood
    So she gave up and clung to teddy
    But teddy was soaked with a metallic taste
    The mangled thing had no one in its cellar.

    She had to have a cookie, had to taste something else
    Other than her bread and water.
    So she waited till nightfall and climbed the stairs,
    The mangled thing in the cellar.

    She made to the kitchen
    And approached the deathly cookies
    Just to take one bite
    But as she closed her mouth around the succulent taste
    She noticed a shawdow next to her

    And daddy came out, in rage, with a knife
    So she clutched her cookie and screamed
    He brought it down, again and again
    On the once beautiful girl in the cellar.

    And when she had nothing but her sugar cookie left,
    Daddy cleaned his knife with a grin.
    "Tell you what, Andrea," he said to his dead daughter
    "I'll let you keep that cookie for yourself."

    As he dragged her back down
    And set her next to teddy
    He kissed her goodnight, "This will be our little secret"
    The girl with the cookie in the cellar