• a tuba is not a toilet
    yes i know it's hard to believe
    but it is not and that is why i
    am quite ready to leave

    a wall is not a place for fire
    i know that it is true
    but really if i did it you would not
    like fire on you.

    This gangster rapper culture
    is giving me the fits,
    you know that music today is just
    piles of $#!+!

    tagging is a crime and and
    you all think its funny,
    to own a trash can, a sign, a wall
    i guess selling pizza earns you money

    MTV don't make me laugh,
    where is the music anyways
    reality tv, yeah right,
    oh yeah the m stood for music back in the good ol' days

    They say this world is diverse,
    sure as heck ain't here,
    This city lacks in culture, manners,
    and is famous for drinking beer.

    well for all you losers who are offended
    who say that this is not right
    can all just keep flipping burgers.
    Hello to you fresno-ites.