• Brother, oh brother
    I don't really know what you are trying to do
    When you try to make me mad
    You just upset yourself.

    Brother, oh brother
    You punch,poke,prod,and kick
    Your annoyance is like a chirping bird who won't shut up
    But, I know if I don't respond, you get mad
    (and personally, I find that funny).

    Brother, oh brother
    I still don't know why you try,
    It is not my problem you don't succeed
    When you try to mess with me,
    I can control myself, as you see.

    Brother, oh brother
    You can try and annoy me all you like
    But you should give up the second you look at me
    Thought i don't look like it...secretly I am hating you
    I want to take a bat and-woah...losing control....
    But I'm good now.
    Anyway....all I'm saying is leave me alone....
    Because I can stay up longer than you!