• I thought I would never say goodbye.
    I believed I would go with you.
    I love you so much.
    I want to be in your arms once more,
    but that chance was torn from me.
    How is it you left me
    without a single regret?
    Did I mean that little to you?
    No, I don't think I did.
    I think you didn't want to worry me,
    that's why you locked your feelings up.
    At least,
    that's what I want to believe.
    I wouldn't know.
    You left before I had the chance to ask.
    I never really did ask about you did I?
    I never asked
    "How was your day?", nor
    "Are you alright?”
    For that, I'm sorry.
    Although, you can't blame just me.
    If you hadn't locked yourself up,
    I would've asked away.
    I would have let worry for you consume me,
    but that isn't what you wanted for me.
    Not to mention, you aren't exactly here
    for me to blame you.
    Why did you wait until now of all times
    to let me argue with you about this?
    You aren't even here to answer me!
    What kind of argument is that?
    It doesn’t matter, anyway.
    I'll soon be there to be with you.
    Up there,
    where the angels sing.
    If I earned it.
    For all I know,
    I'll end up in Hell,
    but I won't know
    until I go through with it.
    Hold on, love,
    I'll be there in a second.
    Sweet merciful death,
    take me to my beloved.
    Hello, my love