• (Chorus) Goin' insane
    Goin' crazy
    Don't know what to do
    Lookin' around
    See you lookin' away

    Do you even care
    Even if you care
    Why don't you just take a look at me
    Cause when I look at you
    I know I'm just tearing myself apart
    When I see you look away

    Don't tell me you understand
    Because you don't
    Don't tell me this is over
    Don't tell me that we could only be friends
    Because what about the past
    What about everything we've been through
    Have you ever thought how I would feel


    Hiding in the dark all alone
    You won't know cause you don't care at all
    Told myself that you were just lying
    Couldn't believe that this was happening

    Saw you the next day
    Tryin' to swallow my tears
    As I watch you walk away
    Tryin' to hang on
    But you just keep tryin' to push me away


    Are you really happy
    Do you want to let go
    I feel so confused
    Cause I don't want to let go
    Can't we just try the past again


    Saw you walking
    Saw me crying
    Knowing that we can't go back
    I know that this was a huge mistake
    And I'll never make this mistake again