• As the Spring is born,
    Leaves and buds start to crest and breath the sun.
    Days, or has it been weeks now, that I gave up again?

    Truly I meant no harm,
    But nothing was left.
    If something is absent, why only hurt myself?

    It didn't compare,
    Then again,
    Nothing could compare
    To what I had experienced when I met the angel.

    No beauty could ever be like hers,
    No smile,
    No face,
    No gestures,
    No kiss will ever be like the angel's.

    May God save my soul from the depths of Hell for what I have done,
    Or better what,
    Whom I loved.

    The way she walked, how she talked,
    The way her eyes lit up when she laughed,
    And when I saw her cry, I cried as well.

    Her pain was my pain,
    Her laugh was my laugh,
    Her relief was my happiness.

    Though I loved her as if I could never love again,
    She was blind to it all.
    Not once did she know her best friend
    Was in love with her.

    I gave her the world,
    I let her into mine,
    And not once did I lie to her.

    Again, may God save my soul,
    But I would do it again if given the chance.
    One day I shall show her the love that never died,
    Even though we haven't spoken in a year.

    My heart beats for hers,
    My eyes wish to see her smile,
    And my soul only wants her happy,
    Even when I see her happy with someone else.

    I love her,
    But she has forgotten me.