• I walk through the door, and flash you a smile
    It'd be nice if you returned it, every once and a while
    You may think im yours forever, well that's a mistake
    Ignoring me is the worst one you can make

    Torn between two, always in deep thought
    I said your ignorance is too much to handle, in cause you forgot
    Maybe this distance will keep us from growing apart
    I'm strong and independent, but you keep breaking my heart

    Is is just a phase, or is this crush for real?
    You brush off my unhappiness, like it's no big deal
    You both make me smile, and laugh all day long
    Why is being so right, feeling so wrong?

    I haven't decided but be prepared for a goodbye
    It'll hit you harder than you think, you might even cry
    What's said is done and final, no off and ons anymore
    I'm ready to start over, and open a brand new door