• I watch the metal slice through my skin
    I don't know what I'm doing
    But I know that
    Because of you
    Inside excise a broken heart

    I watch myself bleeding
    See you begging me to stop
    Don't you know that I'm cutting
    Cutting just for you

    (Chorus 1) One cut
    That's all it takes
    One cut to release the pain
    With every cut I edge
    Closer to my death

    (Chorus 2) One cut
    Don't you understand
    One cut
    Can't you see I want your attention
    One cut, one more it won't hurt
    Once cut, can't stop I have to keep on going

    Can't you just come back
    Because I can't bear the pain you're giving me
    One cut I told you
    You said you'll do anything for me to stop
    Told you I wanted you back
    You said that you couldn't do that

    (Chorus 2)

    Watching myself cut
    While my tears steam down my face
    Watching my blood drip
    Remembering the words you said
    I couldn't stand it
    So don't blame me if I cut

    (Chorus 1)

    (Chorus 2)

    One cut that's all it took
    One cut to cause me this
    One person to make me cut
    One person to make me want to die