• Oh shimmering moon, oh pure face of the night, you bless the darkness that we are so gullibly attached to.
    She of the twilight hour, the new moon, even the eclipsed hour, have been through it all.

    You are the protector of the Night world with your watchful eyes.
    You fulfill your job with such grace, such ease, the wind should envy you greatly.

    Given birth to our stars, you had help from your delighting husband, the Sun.
    And your rival cousin, Mother Earth, she despises your wishes, your dreams, your accomplishes.

    Please guide us through the night, we so desperately need your assistance.
    And we thank you for your duties, though we so helplessly forget those two kind words.

    Now dance, majestic being, your proclaiming ballet is everlastingly fulfilling.
    And we shall gaze up at you until the end of tomorrow's beginning.