• life means happiness ,life means pain. biggrin crying
    life means makeing the most of it, but what is there to amek of it. gonk
    life is wanteing to be loved and to love others,notevery one sees love the same way some only see hurt.
    some people are good at things, and some no matter how they try seem to suffer at every thing they do.
    we suffer and tri but seem to be prvale nwo matte rteh pain involved. we suffer for reason not mentined.
    people who should live get killed for the people they love. it seems such a wast to throw there life away blaugh why dose it seem taht we must suffer the pain of other . i try to get a head and i seem to just keeps failing farther back.why ite seems that i get so far and no at teh same . ill be glad when at last i can rest in peace iv truly deserved.