• It is cold.
    That is all I have to say about anything around me, inside me. Freezing, to the point of near death and exhaustion, I weep.
    I cry in agony.
    Breaking, snapping into fragile little pieces and falling apart. Then a fire, in the depths of my blackened heart burning ever so harshly, scorching my skin from within.
    It hurts.
    Why like a blanket of snow and fog does my mind cloud and fail.
    What reason do I have to die so callously for you seated in my mind, bleeding.
    What have I done to displease you so much that your scorn is here to slaughter my dreams and destroy my faith?
    Tears fall from my bloodshot eyes and sobs push forth through my swollen lips, scraping against my inflamed throat.
    It is all for you.

    It is dark today.
    I am ready to die I think.
    This is so hard to be here without you. Why did you leave?
    My heart is bleeding.
    I am so alone.
    Once we were so happy, it was perfect like that.
    I remembered your car driving away when you left me here.
    The squeal of the tires on the pavement is easily overpowered by my screams.
    Ripping themselves from my throat.
    I love you so much.

    The darkness has taken over.
    I feel a swelling deep in my chest.
    A calling as you will, telling me to be still.
    It will all be over soon.
    It’s hard to understand why this happens to us.
    Is it fate that our love is reminding me of a plane
    The journey of awkwardness waiting to part.
    The ride itself is generally pleasant.
    Then the crash is harsh and everyone dies.
    You said forever.