• It's the Seaons Song
    I walk around the bend,
    Rain drips from my head,
    It's Raining it's pouring, The old man is...,
    ZZZZZZZZZZZZ...... DAD wake up! As I ment to say, SNORING,
    A week is gone I'm ready for summer...,
    What a HOT, HOT DAY...,
    I crave for water,
    A craving... just what I need!,
    A glass of that liquid must do, and I jump into the pool,
    Yes it must do,
    Seasons flip and now it's cooler my craving is out the door,
    It's Fall and I'm jumping in the leaves,
    But, the best part is the new year in the Winterey Winter,
    It's all because of the Seasons Song!