• The creaping meadows of which I ventured within
    Has not yet releived me of Sin

    Dark abyss all around
    Not one peep nor a sound

    I was all alone
    Twigs beneathed my feet cracked like bone

    Captured by the roots of death and decay
    I had no choice but to stay

    Day by day my body crumbles
    Lightness was in shambles

    Darkness, the scourge of corruption
    To go along was the only option

    A presence lurks above me
    The light has never been so shiny

    I bore witness to a shape
    That no darkness can penetrate

    There she was holding out her hand
    Before I fell into this quicksand

    My time isn't over
    Time is now with her

    Night will never win
    For I have confessed my sin