• Yesterday was once Today
    but now she is forgotten
    now she is just another day gone by
    Yesterday longs to be Today so she can experience the world
    if that is so what of Today
    she too wishes to be Tomorrow
    she wants to feel the joy of being waited for
    she's sick of hearing "I wish today was over"
    but she dose not see what Yesterday see's
    she hears "I wish Today would never end."
    and what about Tomorrow
    she wants to be Yesterday
    Tomorrow wants to be remembered fondly
    she wants to be in the stories people tell
    because you can not tell tales of what hasn't happened
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    three sisters unhappy with who they are
    each longing to be the other
    they see the good in one another
    but are unable to see the joy they themselves bring the world
    Father Time can see this however
    again and again he tries to tell his children how wonderful they really are
    but none will listen for all are vain
    seeking that which they can not wait for
    seeking what they have lost
    seeking what they will never have
    always seeking but never seeing