• "7th Millenium"

    I see people smoking weed
    Like the babies that sleep in there cribs
    Society is so corrupted
    And we all hide in creaks

    You can hear gun shots being fired
    You can hear mothers screaming for there young
    No money is save and no peasant is hired
    And they all pray except the monk

    Small children walk up the streets
    Without shoes beneath there feet
    They look up with there lifeless eyes
    And say: "Mommy went to the sky."

    There is no hope.
    There is no chance.
    Society was screwed
    and so was I

    There is no end to the world
    There wont be a day the world stops
    It's all in our imagination
    Until our heads pop

    We shall soon forget and die
    Perhaps suicidal
    Perhaps entoxication
    Perhaps murder
    or maybe age

    I don't deserve this
    Maybe I do
    Maybe I don't

    This world is filled with retarded bullshitters
    who have nothing better to do
    and just seat around like s**t in the couch
    while watching VH1
    I wonder why

    In this world
    I fight alone for my ideals
    Where no one can help
    and nothing is real

    In here, it's a one man team
    And hate all that you deem
    If only they could see what it is to me,
    the secret that lies within

    You walk down the road of the lame
    You see that we are all the same
    Walking down this street
    like fish in a stream

    Where is God in all this...
    before the corruption...
    before the disaster?
    Will he come at world's end?
    But there is no such thing

    As long as we have babies
    the world will keep spinning
    Spinning the path it always spunned
    Spinning our lives...
    Spinning our time...
    Spinning our hope...

    If only death knew...
    we're ready to die...
    we're just waiting for it...
    for the big moment

    Some of us tremble at the tought
    Some of us fight 'till the end
    Some of us stay normal
    and will only sleep until we die