• A poem I’d write
    To be heard
    But sadly I
    Cannot find the words
    For no words ever will
    Express to you
    How I feel
    How what’s inside
    Gnaws at me
    Begging to
    Be set free
    How I want to tell you
    All my thoughts
    And all the things
    To me you’ve brought
    How in my head
    There was only me
    Until you came
    And made me see
    I’m not alone
    And in tears
    I’m not alone
    As I feared
    From my prison
    You saved my soul
    Now with you
    I feel whole
    In my eyes
    You’re the one
    Always caring
    Always fun
    In the dark
    You are a light
    In the dark
    You shine so bright
    All this said
    Being through
    I still can’t find
    Words for you