• Forming in my veins
    Hate that wont go away
    Crimson runs
    Like it does everyday
    Knives and razors
    Wont take away my pain
    It kills me inside
    But its my only way out
    From a place we call, "earth"
    There is no other way
    Or so i belive
    Is there anyone out there
    Can you not hear me scream
    Or am i locked inside this mirror
    With no way to breathe
    Then when i want to think
    Im going to die here
    A young boy reaches his hand
    I want to grab it
    I want to be free
    But im afraid
    That he will make me
    Fall to my knees
    Please, he cries, please take my hand
    Their is another way out
    Just reach for a key
    Its chained to his hand
    I hesitate, then i grab
    This boy lifts me up
    I take the key
    And unlock this mirror
    My only way out
    Was made a little bit clearer