• There once was a princess who lived in the under world. Her father, Lucifer, told her many tales to never love. So she never found love she always focused on her curses. So then came the day where she met a demon. She grew a strong friendship with him && always wanted to be with him. People always asked if they were in love, but she would answer no && would move on. Then she actually did fall in love. A fallen angel who would spoil her && sing for her. She loved him && always told her demon friend about him. THe demon though the period of time have fallen in love with the princess, but never told her. He stayed her best && loyal friend till the end. Until she admited to him that she loved him. Which caused a lot of trouble for her.

    Lucifer told her that she would have to find someone for a love soon. He could not handel the under world on his own anymore. but she couldn't choose wether to choose the fallen angel or the demon. The demon has been her most loyal friend, the one always there, && always picked her up with she fell. The fallen angel was there when she needed but had no affection at all towards her.

    The demon went out that night to buy gifts for teh princess, when he noticed the fallen angel talking about her. He found out the fallen angel wanted to be with her for that power && wealth. He didn't say anything && went back to buy his gifts for he. He wanted to fight bu he knew he wouldn't be any better than him.

    The day came where the princess would decide who to be her love. They both presented precious gifts && spoiled her. But she still was unsure. Then finally she came up with one challenge.
    "I want a kiss from both of you. But not no ordianry kiss.... I want you to show me how much you love me through that one kiss. I want you to put all your love into it. Then I'll know if you really do love me."
    So the fallen afngel pushed the demon aside && held her. He told her he loved her && gave her a kiss. It didn't have feeling into it, it was just calm && quiet. They broke away && she nodded. He went back to his place where the demon just sat. the demon got up && huged her. It was a long && affectionate embrace. The he finally let her go.
    "promise me, no matter who wins, you'll alwys be my best friend?" He asked. She nodded && hugged him back. With that thier lips gently pressed together. She felt him hold her tight. His affection, his love, his warmth, everything was in that small little touch. They broke away && she asked for another. He did as he was told && she melted into his arms. It has been decided. Her one love was the demon.

    The falle angel grew furious. He attacked teh demon && took her away. She cried out for her love as the fallen angel ran towards the throne. The demon fly high && attacked the fallen angel. He banished him away into the deepest && deadliest part of the underworld. Then he looked at him princess in the eyes as she looked at him back. Their gaze stayed unil finally the demon closed the gap between them, brushing his lips against hers again.