• Mr. Sun and Ms. Moon
    Lived perfectly normal lives
    And then they met
    Each other online.

    Mr. Sun typed. "Who likes cows?"
    Then Ms. Moon typed, "I do."
    And they typed and they typed
    Then Mr. Sun typed, "I love you."

    He typed, "You're better than my friends.
    You have made me so happy.
    You are so sweet.
    Will you go out with me?"

    And she typed, "I'm sorry. I love you,
    But I just don't date online."
    He typed, "Oh, okay.
    A best friend, would you be mine?"

    She typed, "Yes, of course.
    I would really love to."
    He typed, "As a best friend
    Is how I'll love you."

    They exchanged numbers
    And they text and they called
    But as Ms. Moon rose up
    Mr. Sun had to fall.

    Their ribbon of friendship
    To the time difference ties.
    She sleeps, he is awake.
    He began to sleep, she began to rise.

    As long as they live apart,
    Each other they'll never see
    And their love will always grow
    But they could never be.