• Im not going to write some stuff down so someone can read it and get the wrong ideal. someone somewhere will read what you have writted and judge you. No one likes to be judged at any place, time or by anyone. if you like to judge people go judge yourself and leave me alone! Dont waste my time or take up space in my life, i dont need that. life is short, so live it up and stay out of mine. i'm wasting time right now writing this down so someone sometime will read it.
    dogs bark and stupid people should not breed. so what else is new (nothing).. this is the way it is and will always be. so it is written. dont ask, you cant handle the answer or will you beleave it! open up use your mind, dont be a puppet for anyone for they could care less about you! they care nothing for you , your life , soul, or anything about you!
    so it is written so it will be!!