• I was always asked,
    “Who do you like?”
    “Your mom,” I’d scream,
    “Just kidding, PSYCH!!”
    I couldn’t tell them,
    I don’t know why,
    But those secrets I’ll hold
    Till the day I die.
    Such personal questions
    Asked by others,
    Such personal questions
    Disregarded by mothers.
    “Why don’t you love me?”
    I’d cry to my bear,
    With each dismissing sneer
    My heart would tear.
    You said I was big enough,
    You said I was strong.
    Oh, if you could see me now,
    How I’d prove you wrong.

    I waited for you to get home,
    Sitting in the chair,
    But your arrivals were late
    And your comfort rare.
    I cried myself to sleep
    Every night in my bed,
    Songs un-sung, cheeks un-kissed,
    Covers un-tucked, books un-read.
    Memories fading
    Into the night,
    Disappearing each day
    Out of my sight.
    “You’re weak,” you spat,
    As I fell to the floor,
    Making my heart beat
    Not once more.

    ~~Susannah Emeline