• I Punished My Pathetic Heart Everyday
    I Craved For Attention, But For That God Made Me Pay
    I Was Stranded In A Dark Pit With My Bleeding Soul
    All Ripped Out With A Hand So Cruel And Eyes Black As Coal

    I Prayed To God To Provide Me With Strength
    I Prayed Every Night To Find The Times Length
    Eternity Later, And God Gave Me The Help I Need
    He Brought Me You To End My Grieve

    The Truth Is Written In These Few Words
    The Tears In My Eyes Are No Longer Blurred
    I’ll Rip Out My Heart And I Will Bleed For You
    Whilst Our Bloody Souls Will Entwine So Darkly And True

    You Gave Me Your Own Heart
    And I Will Give You Mine So We’ll Never Part
    The Angels Will Stop Crying For Me
    And They Will Rejoice In Dazzling Harmony

    These Words Are True So Listen Closely
    The Nights I’ve Prayed Has Come To Reach Me
    The Rain Used To Feel Like Razors Digging Into My Back
    Now As It Pours The Feeling Is Smooth And Exceptionally Nice

    My Dear Angel, Your Kiss Isn’t Sharp With Thorns
    They Leave Me Craving For So Much More
    My Beloved Angel, Your Touch Isn’t Chilling Or Hard As Stone
    It Fills Me With Such Warmness And I’m Never Alone

    I Will Rip Out My Heart Just To Prove I Was Worth The Hell
    I’ll Give It To You With My Sacred Blood Spilled Over But Don’t Yell
    It Proves That My Love For You Is Everlasting
    As I Know Your Own Heart Will Be Casting

    The Magic To Engrave My Name Into Your Soul
    Promise Me You’ll Stay With Me Forever With No Pretend
    I Will Provide You With The Love You Need Until The End
    As Our Bloody Souls Will Entwine Together, My Dearest Friend