• Secret Ingredient, CHEFT POET"
    Lead or ink- it could written in either.
    And sticks to paper like the frosting on the flakes.
    When you write such a thing there is no such thing as cheating- you can do anything.
    Sing? Maybe?
    No, you don't have to cuz you want it to be a Green Eggs and Ham kinda thing.
    No doo wop or ringy ding ding?

    Well that's too bad, but it doesnt have to be this long. Only needs to stand alone and be strong.
    And you'll never hear me say this again, "We have a secret ingredient.................[it's called] Creativity."

    "With A............"
    With a poem there are many possibilties. To change the word of the World like Obama;
    To break N.Y CITY down and find-still-buildings growing from the roots of the streets;
    To write a letter to your pen that reads,"more ink please";
    To exprees yourslef in a bathing suit in the snowy winter or to consume a hot-chocolate with the souls of your loved ones floating around in the form of steam;
    To know if you jump up and down to a brilliant sound, the loving crowd will-hopefully-follow;
    To see yourself in the mirror and tell the World,"TO SHOVE ONE cuz I aint the same as nobody else.......
    ..........With a poem"

    So I hope everyone enjoys. And I guess I'll catch you peeps later.
    PEACE&LOVE, Vern.